Oct 13, 2011


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Aug 1, 2010

a forgotten concerto

Hey !Did you realize i'm changing my playlist track ?Apparently ,i'm fall in love with this vieuxtemps concerto !It's a great concerto ,doesn't it ?And this girl ,Valerie Kim is great .Her music was fantastic .And she's still 14 ,wow ..I envy her ,i hope someday i will be good enough to play this piece !practice even harder then :)
I don't know much about this composer ,i was thinking to browse the wiki before i write this post ,but i'm too lazy to do it .Well ,it's okay to browse it right now :

Henri François Joseph Vieuxtemps
Let's see ,he was a Belgian composer and violinist .He was born in Verviers ,Belgium .And wow ,he is known as the second greatest violinist during his time for Paganini reigned .He became friendly with a number of musicians who had been familiar with Beethoven which led to his reviving the "Violin Concerto" already almost forgotten .Hmm ?Is it really forgotten ?If it was me ,i won't forget such concerto ,thanks for composing it Vieuxtemps :)

Rest in Peace ~

Jul 28, 2010

previously on me

A lot of things happened suddenly .And it's really tiring lol !

It's been a month with no rest at all ,i've got practice every night with Gading Indah Ensemble ,and school activities on day .After finishing the performance on GKI Samanhudi ,my teacher gave me a Hadyn Concerto for practice .He told me to practice for it ,it happens to be an accompaniment piece for his friend final exam .
The ensemble is really good ,they're high-skilled and experienced with their instruments .Honestly ,i'm not confident being there .Even the 2nd violin better than me ,knowing the situation quite well ,my teacher put me on the front line ,and place me on 1st violin .Yes ,he's insane :(
At first ,i don't really like the situation ,but lately the practice session was amazing ,it's fun .They're not too scary ,and it's pretty fun !Finally the exam came closer and closer .2 days before the performance ,my condition drop .I've got a mild fever ,and the fever still continued up until now .
In result ,i can't concentrate on the piece ,and i've made about 2-3 mistakes on the performance .Luckily ,the jury didn't realized it .And things that surprised me to the most ,my teacher praised me for my performance (?) .Oh Jesus ,is it your miracle ?But i do not care about it ,thanks god :)
My upcoming audition is closer ,and i haven't practice the selection piece yet .Honestly ,i believe that i'll appreciate rest afterward .

here's some snapshot :) 

Jun 12, 2010

hymn night snapshot

a few snapshot from the previous event on GKI Gading Indah :D

God Bless You Always :D

Jun 1, 2010

a few information :D

Hey !Read it guys !
  1. I'll enter the upcoming audition on Andreas Arianto Orchestra .Mind to join me ?more info ?click here
  2. It's still on my mind ,but i'm thinking to join this orchestra too !But i haven't made up my mind .
  3. My ensemble will soon held a performance on GKI Gading Indah .Here's more link if you want to watch it !
Okay that's all .Thanks for attentions :)